A Glamper Camper Boutique Is Created

I realize that purchasing a crusty old vintage trailer to rehab might seem like a mid-life-what-the-heck-are-you-thinking type of proposition. But as far back as I can remember, I have always loved small, cozy places. Tiny spaces to make my own.


It started with what most girls did growing up in the 60's,  building a "house" under a cardboard table covered with a blanket. We, quite-contentedly, played with our Barbies under there for hours. Then I "moved-up" to a larger home when my Mom created  "real" apartments for my sister and I in the (unfinished) basement. Walls were created by tacking up sheets and multiple rugs laid out for flooring. Just like that, a studio apartment appeared right next to the washer, dryer and laundry shoot. We were in heaven and set about decorating our spaces. Each holiday meant brought a present with something to add to the house - an avocado-green metal toy refrigerator, sink and stove, all kinds of dolls, stuffed animals and toys were added to make the space a home.


As years passed, I may have out-grown a "playhouse", but I still craved a space of my own to create and imagine in. Looking back , it combined what I have always loved - being creative and creating a beautiful space to do it in. So I guess it's no surprise that my latest venture has brought me back to just that - a tiny (and now mobile) creative space! A glamper boutique to call my own. 

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GG's First Vintage Show A Success!

Our first "official" show with Galavantin' Gal took place at Chartreuse & Co.(MD)last weekend and her debut was a bit hit! I'm still flyin' high, even though I'm thoroughly exhausted. I had to call in reinforcements (aka my Husband)to take over host/guide duties in showing her off - everyone wanted a peek inside and to hear the story of her transformation. It was a full-time job and he thought he'd come to the show and sit in the background and read - ha! ;) He loved every minute of it, even served up some lemonade to the crowd. 



The venue was the perfect setting for a vintage marketplace and the owners - Virginia & Chip - were exceptional hosts! I have never met a more wonderful team to work with at a show - they love and care about what they do and it shows! 


It was very encouraging and rewarding to hear all the comments and to reach my audience of fellow vintage lovers of all kinds! I had so much fun talking with everyone and hearing their stories about a memory conjured up or what they planned on using an item for.  One customer just absolutely beamed as she brought me her treasure to buy - she was so thrilled to find that perfect pair of floral curtain panels - this is what I live for - pure joy!


I heard comments that just made my heart sing, "...this is like going down memory lane..."; "I (Grandma, Grandpa, insert appropriate name here) had one of these when I was a child...", then the heartwarming story ensues. The entire show was a shoppers paradise; despite the incredibly hot & humid conditions, everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves. Girlfriends on an outing together, shopping for clothes and sharing decorating ideas; Moms with young daughters picking out treasures to take home. One young girl even purchased a lovely blue hat made in France and wore it home - she looked adorable. A vintage-shopper-for-life in the making I think.   

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Traveling Vintage Shop in a Camper - Galavantin' Gal - Featured On Blog

A shout out to Chartreuse & Co. for featuring Galavantin' Gal on their blog. Thanks a million!

Check out the whole post here - 

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Seeking Unexplored Paths

Not too long ago, my husband and I took a short road trip to explore new areas. We have begun thinking about where to retire (when the time comes, not just yet!) and decided to visit some of these places and "try them on" for size. For me , it seems reminiscent of searching for the best college campus experience - Which locale offers the most diverse culture? Has the best climate? A thriving local community? And is affordable for the long term!

So this time, we decided to head south. When our first destination disappointed, we hit the road again and made a stop in Roanoke, VA. Neither of us had been there before and we found treasures that can only be found when you allow serendipity to lead you!

Not only did we have the best steak dinner we have ever had (gotta check out Frankie Rowland!) but I discovered Black Dog Antiques. (Yes, that Black Dog from that DIY show). If you need some vintage inspiration, this is zee' place. 

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Creating A Vintage Life

Tidbits, musings, resources, found treasures and all things to inspire a vintage life!

Vintage America

Watch  - and share - Ginger Pauley's new sizzle reel for her show "Vintage America". She is trying to get this show produced, so share with everyone - we need more shows like this! 

Why We Need More RETRO in the World

How fun are these "googie style" versions of modern companies?! Click through the gallery to see them all!

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Vintage lifestyle is alive and well in LA

Swoon worthy! This is a prop

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